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Bengert Greenhouses is “Western New York’s Best Kept Secret”

Our greenhouses have been family owned and operated for over 60 years. We pride ourselves on growing outstanding quality flowering plants. All of our plants are grown locally in our West Seneca greenhouses which helps the local economy and community. Located right in West Seneca, New York, we are situated perfectly to service the entire Western New York region.

poinsettias11Tis the season! Christmas is a time for personal celebrations and traditions shared with family and friends. Flowers and plants have long played a special role in Christmas festivities. They are as personal and individual as the people doing the celebrating. At Bengert Greenhouses we offer holiday poinsettias and holiday wreaths in a variety of colors and sizes. Let us find the perfect Christmas flowers to accent your home! Gorgeous Christmas flowers also make great Christmas gifts for moms, grandmothers, and friends. Send the gift of beauty to everyone you love.

poinsettias21Bengert Greenhouses specializes in Christmas flower fundraisers and floral church decorations. We will work with you to make your fundraiser a success! It’s never too soon to get ready for the holiday season. Call us today to sign up for this year’s Wreath and Poinsettias fundraiser.

Poinsettias:  Poinsettias are a widespread Christmas tradition both for gift-giving and holiday decorating. Your poinsettia will not only make a beautiful indoor plant all year long,but can also be coaxed to bloom again each year in time for Christmas! We offer Poinsettias in 6 different sizes and a dozen different colors and fresh wreaths decorated or plain.

Wreaths: Get in the Christmas spirit by hanging a beautiful wreath on your front door or inside your home — our Christmas wreath ideas blend traditional with creative to make your wreath stand out. Christmas wreaths also make great gifts. Wreaths come in three sizes–small, medium, or large.

Reblooming Holiday Poinsettias

With the holiday’s approaching, you may be thinking about getting one of the most popular holiday flowers. The poinsettia’s familiar red color (and other flashier colors) have decorated homes for decades. In addition to their general care, you may wonder what to do with your plant once the holidays are over. Caring for your poinsettia …

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Behind the Tradition: Holly and Ivy

Holly and icy are familiar, though understated, holiday plants. Used to adorn homes during the winter and holiday season, holly and ivy have been a staple in homes since long before the birth of Christianity. In modern days, we use holly and ivy as decorative accents in our homes to freshen the air and add …

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